We offer I.T Support in two different flavours!


Get support when you need it most with our premium remote support solutions, this type of support is charged at £5.00 per session + £7.00 per hour (minimum charge 1 hour) This payment will be taken via PayPal to ensure your saftey as well as ours!

On Site

When an engineer needs to attend your premises to solve a solution, this service is charged at £30.00 per callout + £15.00 per hour depending on locality (minimum charge 1 hour) To arrange an on-site visit please get in contact via the contact page!

It’s all in the detail

Before calling please fill in the form below so that we are able to determine who you are, your contact details and a brief explanation of what your issue is.

Your engineer will talk you through making payment via PayPal, And will connect onto your machine by using one of the links below in order to get your issues resolved.

As always if we are unable to resolve your issues you are entitled to a full refund!


Pay here!

(Total charge for 1st hour of support is £12.00 including VAT)