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Clipboard Manager – ClipaVu

This tiny application has been a fantastic addition to my arsenal of programs.

If you’ve never heard of a clipboard manager before, your certianly not the first! – the premise of such applications is that you are able to look through you clipboard history, and load any piece of content you have copied before back into the clipboard, without going back to where you copied it from and starting again.

This version is availible for a modest fee of $7.77 or £5.37 (roughly) with a 30 day trial version availible, you cant go far wrong!

The application is constantly being updated by the author, and they willingly accept suggestions for improvements so if you find that is is missing a feature you would like you are able to drop them an email and they just might ad it into the next version for you. – I have done this myself a couple of times requesting features such as one-click clipboard loading & transparency (as I like to have the application sitting on top of my other applications so this makes it easy to see what is behind it)



For mac users although you are out of luck for the time being, although there is a similar application on the mac app store that I use pesonally, although its not quite as simple to use this is called Copied. Although this is slightly more expensive than ClipaVu at £5.99  it does have the added feature of being able to syncronise with your iPhone/iPad.


Mac Version

iPhone/iPad Version